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Cashew Wine and Vinager

Who are we?

Industrias del Llano is a small scale foods and beverages manufactory, operating in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, aiming to offer high quality products made from fresh tropical fruits and vegetables to the national and international markets... 

Industrias del Llano begun operations in 2002, motivated by the desire to introduce high quality foods and beverages made from raw materials available locally. Having observed the characteristics of the cashew fruit conferring it potential for wine making, and rescuing a generations old family tradition, the company introduced the Acaxú line of wines. Cashew fruit production begun in Honduras in the 1980s when the crop was stimulated amongst peasant cooperatives in southern Honduras. After many efforts to establish the activity's commercial viability, nowadays the cooperatives, with support from the international development cooperation  agencies have managed to market the fruit's nut. Although the fresh fruit is also sold, there is still ample potential for diversification.

  Ours has been the intention of finding technically and commercially viable options to use the crop's fruit. After a stage of product development, the Acaxú line of products was introduced. We intend, using modern enological techniques,  to sustain the production of quality, young, fresh, aromatic, crystalline and well balanced fruit wines. Related to these is also the possibility of producing natural vinegars of the same stock. This is how, using traditional acetifying techniques based on totally natural processes through which vinegars are made in Honduran homes and developing these to an industrial scale the ‘del Llano' vinegars were born. Industrias del Llano currently works in the development of new products to be made using the local base of natural foods, from liqueurs to spiced fruit and vegetable sauces, soon to be found in the market.


This wine is fermented from the juice of fresh Cashew fruits, grown  in the village of Namasigüe in  southern Honduras.  It has been produced with faithful respect to  modern enological techniques to give you a wine with the rich aroma and character of its exotic parent tropical fruit. It can be enjoyed on its own, as an aperitif or after meals, or else had with food. It  matches well specially the Oriental style, more spiced foods. The sweet version combines well with the sweeter desserts. Acaxú also makes excellent cooking wine. Try it!



                                (9.0 % Alc.) 750 ml: fermented for tastes preferring a lighter, sweeter wine       


Acaxú Cashew Wine Dry

  (12.5 % Alc.) 750 ml: full bodied wine with 2.5% residual sugars for those enjoying a wine with a touch of sweetness...

Acaxú Cashew Wine Semi-Dry

(12.5 % Alc.) 750 ml: A full bodied wine with no more than 0.5% residual sugar for tastes preferring a dry wine. Excellent for cooking!

Especial Cashew Vinagers

Del Llano is a family of natural products of the best quality.  Our Special Cashew vinegar is made using a particular combination of fresh cashew wine and cashew wine vinegar, in which essential lemon oils, garlic and fine herbs are macerated, to bring you a delicious vinegar, specially prepared for use in vinaigrettes and dressings. The del Llano vinegars are produced using natural fermentative and acetifying techniques, so achieving a healthy and exquisite natural product.

Special Cashew Vinager

Spiced Cashew Vinager

Our traditional, Spiced Cashew vinegar is prepared by acetifying fresh cashew wine, made from the best fruit crop of the season. The acetifying techniques and fresh condiments used in its production assure the flavor and aroma of the traditional Honduran home made, spiced vinegar.  It is  excellent for use in the preparation of your marinades, sauces, pickles, preserves, meats and salads, giving all foods that ‘special touch'  of a natural tropical fruit wine vinegar.



Spiced Cashew Vinager

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